Countersunk Head SDS

PTA COUNTERSUNK HEAD SELF DRILLING SCREWS are tapered under the head With 8 cross cutter blades(Ribs) to aid in cutting the top material to lie flush neatly with the surface they are driven into. ~Z~ point allows stability and also 40% faster drilling in steel.

An additional Teflon coating over zinc plating to resist corrosion and enhances the life span of the screws.

Commonly used for Fixing calcium Silicate board / Fiber Cement Boards/ Gypsum boards/ Bison boards /Aluminum section and many other applications etc.


Wood, Window / Door Frames, False Ceiling, House Interiors, Metal Framing, Sign Boards, Flooring, Roofing & Cladding, Aluminium Frames

Countersunk Head SDS

Size Chart
No. of pcs per box / per ctn
Drilling Capacity
No.7 PTA713CSKZN 3.9mm x 13mm 1000 x 24 2mm
No.7 PTA716CSKZN 3.9mm x 16mm 1000 x 24 2mm
No.7 PTA719CSKZN 3.9mm x 19mm 1000 x 24 2mm
No.7 PTA725CSKZN 3.9mm x 25mm 1000 x 16 2mm
No.8 PTA816CSKZN 4.2mm x 16mm 1000 x 16 3mm
No.8 PTA819CSKZN 4.2mm x 19mm 1000 x 24 3mm
No.8 PTA825CSKZN 4.2mm x 25mm 1000 x 16 3mm
No.8 PTA832CSKZN 4.2mm x 32mm 800  x 12 3mm
No.8 PTA838CSKZN 4.2mm x 38mm 600  x 12 3mm
No.8 PTA850CSKZN 4.2mm x 50mm 500  x 12 3mm
No.8 PTA860CSKZN 4.2mm x 60mm 400  x 12 3mm
No.8 PTA875CSKZN 4.2mm x 75mm 300  x 12 3mm
No.10 PTA1025CSKZN 4.8mm x 25mm 500 x 24 4mm
No.10 PTA1038CSKZN 4.8mm x 38mm 500 x 12 4mm
No.10 PTA1050CSKZN 4.8mm x 50mm 400 x 12 4mm
No.10 PTA1060CSKZN 4.8mm x 60mm 300 x 12 4mm
No.10 PTA1075CSKZN 4.8mm x 75mm 200 x 16 4mm
No.10 PTA10100CSKZN 4.8mm x 100mm 200 x 12 4mm