Privacy Policy

The PTA website respects the net user’s privacy a great deal. In order to help you understand the PTA website and learn how to collect, use, and protect your personal information, please carefully read the following information about the security and protection policy for the PTA website. This policy can help you understand the policies and principles of collecting, using and protecting net users’ personal information when you are using the PTA website and its extended services.

The privacy protection policies below are in force for net users when using the PTA website and its extended website (mainly including the domain of ) when you are engaging in any activities on these websites, involving gathering information for personal use and protecting personal information. However, they are not applicable to the other websites linked from our website. While you are engaging in any activities on these websites concerning the protection of personal data, the privacy protection policies of those websites will govern.

When you participate in the PTA’s online activity or Web questionnaire, you may be required to provide personal information such as your name, ID card number, telephone number, e-mail address, and residential address. You may also participate in lottery activities, contests, or sales campaigns sponsored by other websites or institutions through the hyperlinks on our website. Concerning the protection of your personal information, these institutions or websites have their own privacy protection policies. The privacy protection policies of PTA’s website cannot and will not apply in these conditions. In addition, the website will not take any related legal responsibility in the unlikely event of any unforeseen consequences or losses incurred. 

When you use the Service form, respond to surveys, subscribe to e-mail newsletters, or use other interactive services, this Website will record and save your name, your e-mail address, your contact information ,and the time you accessed the service. When you register for a wireless internet account, you will be requested to provide your personal information, mobile phone number, and e-mail address for registration purposes. 

To provide better-targeted services, we will collect and analyze the results of the surveys we conduct on this Website. In addition to internal research use, statistics from the data collected or a text summary thereof may be made public when necessary; however, no specific user data will be made public.

Our website is equipped with firewalls and anti-virus related information security facilities, and we take the necessary precautionary measures against any leak of your personal information. With strict protection measures, only the authorized staffs are allowed to access your personal information. All related staffs are required to conclude a confidentiality agreement. If there is a violation of such agreement, the person will be punished according to relevant laws.

Where service is indeed required from any of our units to carry out business, we will strictly require employees to confirm their confidentiality duty, and adopt necessary inspection procedures to ensure they fully comply with duty.

We provide hyperlinks from our website to other external websites. However, our privacy policy does not apply to other external websites. You have to refer to privacy policy of the linked sites.

  • PTA website will not sell, rent, or trade any personal information with other individuals or groups without their prior consent. Only in the following conditions will our website supply your personal information for the use of a third party in accordance with this principle.
  • Exceptions to the above item include but are not limited to cases where:
  • You provide written permission to share your information.
  • You provide electronic permission to share your information.
  • Sharing is required by law.
  • Sharing is necessary for national security or the public interest.
  • Sharing is necessary to prevent danger to your life, your body, your freedom, or your property.
  • Sharing is required by government agencies or academic institutions for data analysis or academic research, and the information has been processed by the provider or collector to make the identification of specific parties impossible.
  • When your behavior on The PTA website violates the terms and conditions of The PTA website, or possibly damages or obstructs the rights of The PTA or any individual, The PTA website may reveal your personal information for the purposes of identifying, contacting, or taking legal action.
  • Sharing is beneficial to your interests
  • When this Website entrusts outside parties with the task of collecting, processing, or using your personal information, we will supervise said parties responsibly as they complete their tasks. 

In order to provide personalized service, we will use cookies technology to save and trace the data left by users in a particular period. Cookies are little pieces of information sent from our official website to your browser and stored in the users’ computer. The users can use the “Advanced” “Setup” in Netscape or the “Security” in “Option” of Internet Explorer to adjust your degree of acceptance, including whether to “accept all Cookies” to “inform me when receiving Cookies”, or to “refuse all Cookies”. If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not enjoy personalized service or be able to participate in some of the activities.

Our official website will amend this policy irregularly to comply with the latest developments in the domain of privacy protection. When major amendments are made concerning the use of personal information, we will announce related news in the website to inform you of the related matters.