Drywall Screw Bugle Head

Drywall is a type of building material made from gypsum and other minerals pressed between sheets of heavy paper. It is installed on walls and ceilings using a type of fastener known as a drywall screw. This screw is used to secure the drywall to either wood or metal framing members and is designed to minimize indentation on the face of the walls. Traditional nails tend to leave small holes in or divots in the drywall and can even come loose over a period time. Drywall screws are threaded to grip both the drywall and framing members tightly and provide a much more secure and long-lasting installation over time.

PTA Drywall screws have very sharp pointy tip so it can pierce the drywall material easily. The threads are spaced moderately wide, since drywall may crumble easily. The bugle head of the screw keeps the drywall attached to the section and the entire screw lies flush with the surface of the drywall, creating a smooth and even finish. The Bugle head also aid to prevent the drywall screw from breaking the paper surface, a common problem with nails.

PTA drywall screw can be readily identified by its jet black finish. This jet black color comes from a phosphate mineral coating that is applied to these screws. This coating helps to minimize rusting and corrosion as the screws are often exposed to wet joint compound or paint.


Wood, False Ceiling, House Interiors, Metal Framing

Drywall Screw Bugle Head

Size Chart
No. of pcs per box / per ctn
No.6 PTADWS613BHBP 3.5mm x 13mm 1000 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS616BHBP 3.5mm x 16mm 1000 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS619BHBP 3.5mm x 19mm 1000 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS625BHBP 3.5mm x 25mm 800 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS632BHBP 3.5mm x 32mm  500 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS638BHBP 3.5mm x 38mm  500 x 16 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS645BHBP 3.5mm x 45mm  250 x 24 PH 2#
No.6 PTADWS650BHBP 3.5mm x 50mm  250 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS825BHBP 4.2mm x 25mm  500 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS832BHBP 4.2mm x 32mm  250 x 16 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS838BHBP 4.2mm x 38mm 250 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS845BHBP 4.2mm x 45mm 250 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS850BHBP 4.2mm x 50mm 250 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS860BHBP 4.2mm x 60mm 250 x 24 PH 2#
No.8 PTADWS875BHBP 4.2mm x 75mm 250 x 24 PH 2#
No.10 PTADWS10100BHBP 4.8mm x 100mm 125 x 24 PH 2#